Original Artworks for Sale

Alan Bond Riding Bell Holdings (2011)
Ink, tape and gold marker on watercolour paper. 31 x 42cm.
Price: $350.00
Clyde (2004)
Charcoal on paper. 84 x 59cm.

Drawing of artist Clyde McGill.
Price: $100.00
Combine Harvester Pulley System (2009)
Ink, acrylic and resin on paper. 70cm x 98cm.
Price: $100.00
Father and Son (2004)
Oil on board. 60 x 91cm.
Price: $300.00
Hammer (2009)
Acrylic and tape on board. 109 x 70 cm.
Price: $500.00
John Wayne (2008)
Texta on paper. Includes frame.
Price: $350.00
Kings Park (2012)
Acrylic on mounted canvas. 20 x 25.5cm.
Price: $200.00
M16 (2007)
Graphite, charcoal, ink on watercolour paper. 60 x 96cm.

At a young age my brothers, friends and I learnt how to make Lackie-guns from clothes pegs, rubber bands and wooden stakes.
Price: $500.00
Nude Lying (2004)
Charcoal on Canson watercolour paper. 57cm x 76cm. Signed “Roderick Sprigg” lower right. WK4 Verso.
Price: $150.00
Nude Reclining (2004)
Charcoal, ink on cartridge paper. 76 x 51cm.
Price: $100.00