Wayang Kulit – Blora

Animation made from interviews in the community of Blora, Jakarta.

The Importance of Shadows

Roderick Sprigg’s residency in Jakarta, as a departure from regional Western Australia, presents an alternative site to considering local issues contextualised relative to globalisation. The Importance of Shadows, as both a performative piece and an installation, links forms of inter-subjective experience with community site-specificity, drawing on Sprigg’s interaction with Indonesian culture, on traditional and contemporary levels. Developed from the peculiarities of Jakartan street food culture and the display of wayang kulit—traditional Javanese shadow puppet theatre—Sprigg developed a prototype kaki lima food cart, selling not edible items but displaying his own version of wayang kulit. – Katherine Wilkinson

Kaki Lima


Hanomans New Dance


Brahala Sleeping